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Get away from the agitated pace of everyday life
Hacienda Tres Cañas is an ideal place for those who are seeking to retire from the agitated pace of everyday life in the city, in order to experience quiet moments of relaxation, excellent food and comfortable comradeship in unique natural surroundings, located only five minutes from the well known Monumental Stadium.

We offer efficient and flexible services geared to the requirements of each company, as well a competitive price, a totally safe privacy and relaxing comfortableness.

We organize both small conventions of reduced groups between 20 to 40 persons, as well as large, open air events such as weddings, fraternal lunches, gymkhanas and sports events.

Furthermore, we take the special requirements of your company into consideration, such as ecrans, projectors, sound and light equipment, etc.

The experience we have attained through the many events produced in Tres Cañas, permits us to give you the best options and alternatives and to help maximise those objectives you are looking for.

Some of the companies which have enjoyed our services are: Backus, Belcorp, BCP, Pepsico, Primax, Casapalca, Clorox, General Motors, Herbalife, Osinergmin, Eternit, Cosapi, Hayduk, Incapalca, Goodyear, Inkafarma, Unique, Ernst & Young, and Transmeridian, among others.
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