The Paso Gait

This is carried out by producing 4 lateral beats, the foreleg lifting first, followed by the posterior hoof of the same side, immediately followed by this same rhythmic movement of the other front leg, then the posterior, on the other side a 4 beat timing, which allows the horseman to have an exceptionally smooth ride, since he is not moving up and down, nor from one side to the other. The lateral roll (or bamboleo) of the Paso horse, heightens the stability and comfort of it´s rider.

The Peruvian Paso horse is acclaimed and appreciated worldwide and is an internationally registered breed. It is considered the horse with the softest and smoothest ride in the world.

Specialized artesans have made the leather braided reigns and the beautully adorned saddles, as well as the carved wooden stirrups, which with their conical form, are unique in the world.

The horse´s natural gait is the "Andar de Paso".

The Peruvian Paso Gait, and it has the ability to "walk" at the speed of 8 to 10km. per hour, for a period of 6 to 8 hours a day