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Colonial Peru
Hacienda Tres Cañas is an enchanted place, which unites Peruvian architectual traditions with the beauty of ample gardens and large portals, proffering peruvian or international cuisine, combined with an outstanding exhibition of Peruvian Paso horses, which will turn your event or celebration into a truly unforgettable experience.

Built by Minnie and Olaf Hein around the end of the seventies, Hacienda Tres Cañas is characterized by it´s Andean colonial architecture featuring balconies in the Cajamarcian style, an Andean chapel and a "Plaza de Armas", an interior courtyard, adorned with an impressive replica of the Arequipanian "Tuturutu" (a boy blowing a horn), thus giving a special touch to the lovely courtyard with it´s beautiful gardens and abundant bouganvillas.

Hacienda Tres Cañas as a breeding farm, is an authentic replica of a typical Andean colonial hacienda. This architectural style differs from the costal colonial style, which is more elaborate. We preferred the rustic, practical and romantic simplicity of the Andes.

Hacienda Tres Cañas was built in the course of five years (1977-1982) employing natural materials indigenous to the Peruvian tradition. The buildings are made of adobe and the roofing tiles are handmade and brought down from the mountains. The large wooden portals come from Nazca, the balconies from Cajamarca in the north and the main plaza is paved with the original stones carried over by the Spaniards as ballast in their ships, which date from the 1700 century.

Located five minutes from the well known Monumental Stadium, Hacienda Tres Cañas features beautiful scenery and inviting ambients ideal for celebrations, weddings, business and tourist events, together with the finest typical Peruvian or international cuisine.

Discover the variety of our services and let yourself be captivated by the magical and romantic simplicity of our facilities which will transport you in time and allow you to enjoy an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
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