The Peruvian Paso Horse
The Peruvian Paso horse is one of the most important symbols of what the description "Peruvian" means.

Sporting a body structure finer than that of the andalusian horse, a medium height, a powerful thorax, wide chest, slender legs, a short vigorous neck, small pointed ears and a noble look, this is our Caballo Peruano de Paso, unique in it´s kind.

Since its arrival with the Spanish conquerers in the year of 1532, headed by Francisco Pizarro, these specimens have defeated the most difficult geografical challenges, thereby giving birth to a unique breed of vigorous animals, with great temperament, beauty and unbreakable resistance in their stride.

This constituted a new race or breed, 100 % Peruvian, a magical result of the perseverance, will and above all, patience a very Peruvian trait of our breeders. This work took almost three centuries to complete and to bring to perfection, requiring several generations of cross-breeding, selectioning and guiding overall improvement.
Characteristics of the Peruvian Paso Horse
The characteristics most salient to this specimen can be resumed into three aspects:

Our Specimens
In the course of it´s history, the breeding farm, Tres Cañas, has accomplished high quality in it´s specimens, producing excellent mares and stallions, which have won prizes in local, regional and international competitions.

Some of the countries in which are horses have preformed outstandingly are Germany, Argentine, Bolivia, Canadas, Ecuador, Central American countries and, of course Peru, obtaining first prizes in the category of Macho and Hembras (stallions and mares) and being finally laureated.

Upon visiting us, you can enter into the world of the Peruvian Paso, where we will offer you an extraordinary exhibition of this horse, which will allow you to fully appreciate the distinctive categories while enjoying it´s natural gracefulness and geniality, especially when dancing to the traditional marinera together with the chalan (the trainer).
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