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Live the experience Pure Peru
Hacienda Tres Cañas invites tourist groups visiting our country to take part in the experience Pure Peru, reviving our culture, history, architecture, dances and gastronomy (or cooking) in an exclusive, private and completely safe locality.

Live unforgettable moments together with your guests in an ideal ambient for tourists who would like to know more about our traditions and gastronomy, while enjoying our breakfasts, lunches and typical Peruvian buffets, as well as our famous "pachamancas", and delicious criollo food.

Enjoy our musicians and dancers steming from the different regions of Peru, who interpret our Marinera Norteña, Huaylas, Huaynos, Musica Negra and other dances typical of the coastal and Peruvian Andes.

Explore the Andean infrastructure of the Hacienda, visiting the chapel and the main Plaza, beautifully adorned with a replica of the famous fountain in Arequipa, known as the "Tuturutu”.

During your visit, an exhibition of the Peruvian Paso horse will be carried out... these being mounted by expert chalanes (trainers) demonstrating the unique qualities of this beautiful animal.(or horse)Furthermore, you may also get to know a part of our past by visiting our private museums, which harbour some of our Incan, Virreinal and Republican history. Don´t let yourself miss this unique and unforgettable experience.
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